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2024 Defence Industry Leadership Program 

The Defence Industry Leadership Program (DILP) has played a pivotal role in nurturing the personal and professional growth of more than 300 defence industry leaders since its establishment in 2010.

Within the context of the rapidly evolving Australian defence landscape, the demand for adept, forward-looking, and collaborative leadership is paramount. Such leaders are essential to effectively steer through challenges, welcome innovation, and secure industry's role in both national security and economic prosperity.

With a focus on addressing the workforce development requirements of our aspiring upcoming leaders, the Defence Industry Leadership Program is highly regarded as the flagship leadership program for Australia's defence industry.

“I’m delighted to be the Ambassador for the Defence Industry Leadership Program,
and I congratulate the Defence Teaming Centre for creating it”. Hon Pat Conroy, Minister for Defence Industry

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Launch of the 2023 Defence Industry Leadership Program

The launch of DILP 2023 in March was celebrated by program organisers, mentors, and the 2023 DILP cohort, along with influential industry decision-makers and members of the DILP alumni. While the Honourable Pat Conroy, Ambassador of DILP and Minister for Defence Industry, couldn't be present in person, his impactful video message resonated with the audience. His words underlined the government's paramount focus on bolstering Australia's Defence Force and its profound implications for the future leaders of our defence industry.

DILP is delivered through a successful collaboration between the Defence Teaming Centre and Skills Lab, a valued long-term DTC member. We extend our thanks to Commonwealth Bank for their continued sponsorship of the program for a second consecutive year, showcasing their support for the development of leaders within the defence sector.