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Adelaide Convention Centre, SA

3 November 2022

Defence Industry Awards

Our awards recognise organisations that have significantly contributed to the development of our defence industry, while showing excellence in ethical behaviour, service and commitment.

Networking Opportunities

The event is well-attended by senior representatives from the Department of Defence representatives from both State and Federal Government, Defence primes, and Australian industry.

Resilience Award

Congratulations to Elexon Electronics for winning the Resilience Award for their ability to develop a Intelligent Industry 4.0 production facility, which assisted them in avoiding offshore production, and helped create new high-skilled manufacturing jobs. Where possible they design their products in a way that raw material, components as well as sub-assemblies can be sourced locally from well-established and longstanding suppliers. This allows them to eliminate the risk of supply chain disruptions due to delays and uncertainties in shipping from overseas locations.

2022 Award Finalists:

Elexon Electronics, Verseng Group, ViPac Engineers & Scientists

Elexon Electronics

Verseng Group

ViPac Engineers & Scientists

Teaming Award

Congratulations to Nova Systems, NORSTA Maritime, Tropical Reef Shipyard, SECORA & Norship for being awarded the Teaming Award for their terrific demonstration of creating a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The five companies collaborated together on a joint venture project, Team NORSTA, to help reshape naval sustainment in Australia through a Regional Maintenance Provider (RMP) model. Team NORSTA is actively involved in informing and shaping infrastructure development to meet future sustainment needs, it is actively collaborating to develop the future workforce, it is assisting the Commonwealth in shaping the IDE and it is collaborating across the enterprise to drive a successful outcome.

2022 Award Finalists:

Nova Systems, NORSTA Maritime, Tropical Reef Shipyard, SECORA & Norship | REDARC Defence Systems & Daronmont Technologies | Rheinmetall & Supashock

Nova Systems, NORSTA Maritime, Tropical Reef Shipyard, SECORA & Norship

REDARC Defence Systems & Daronmont Technologies

Rheinmetall & Supashock

Innovation Award

Congratulations to CBG Systems for winning the Innovation Award for the development of Rapid Access Composite (RAC) Plus, a new lightweight panel that is certified for installation in steel ships. The RAC Plus panels comply with fire safety shipping regulations and can withstand temperatures of over 1000°C while maintaining structural integrity. The innovative panels repel water and are reversible, potentially doubling their service life. They weigh about half as much as traditional metal cladding resulting in reduced fuel consumption and ultimately lower carbon emissions.

2022 Award Finalists: 

CBG Systems | K-TIG | Lumination

CBG Systems



For more information on the the award categories click here.