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Adelaide Convention Centre, SA

23 November 2023

Defence Industry Awards

The DTC Awards recognise the accomplishments of members in the following categories: 

  • Teaming;
  • Innovation; and
  • Skilling.

The judging process is outsourced to impartial judges who represent a cross-section of the defence industry sector. Winners are selected based on how they have significantly contributed to the development of our defence industry, while showing excellence in ethical behaviour, service and commitment.

Networking Opportunities

The event is well-attended by senior representatives from the Department of Defence representatives from both State and Federal Government, Defence primes, and Australian industry.

There is ample opportunity to network throughout the night, with an hour prior to the start of the formal proceedings and an hour after the formal proceedings being dedicated to networking. 

A guest list is sent out to all registered attendees two days prior to the Awards night to assist in making the most out of the evenings networking opportunities, with DTC staff being available all throughout the night to make personalised introductions. 

Teaming Award

Congratulations to Leidos and Acacia Systems

for winning the Teaming Award for their collaborative partnership on the Dash-8 fleet modification. This project will see Acacia, together with Leidos, upgrade critical technology on board the Dash-8 aircraft and within the ground operations command centre. The project fundamentally addresses technology obsolescence.

Leidos and Acacia have innovated to create the first surveillance Mission Management System of this kind in Australia from conception through to application. The Mission Management System has application to other airborne platforms that have a need to collect, interpret and disseminate data generated from technologies onboard an aircraft.

2023 Award Finalists:

BAE Systems Australia and Daronmont Technologies 

PMB Defence Pty Ltd, Allstaff Resources, Red Appointments and Drake International  

Leidos and Acacia Systems

BAE Systems Australia and Daronmont Technologies

PMB Defence Pty Ltd, Allstaff Resources, Red Appointments and Drake International

Leidos and Acacia Systems

Innovation Award

Congratulations to Neumann Space 

for being awarded the Innovation Award for their in-space electric propulsion system Neumann Drive®.

The propulsion system uses solid metal as propellant, offering many competitive advantages derived from its unique propellant and clever engineering. Neumann Space’s patented proprietary technology allows it to offer systems characterised by their safety and simplicity from manufacturing to logistics, transportation and storage fully fueled and integrated, to operations in space including collision avoidance and de-orbiting.

2023 Award Finalists:

AML3D | Neumann Space | SAGE Group


Neumann Space

SAGE Group

Skilling Award

Congratulations to DEWC Services 

for taking home the Skilling Award for the development and successful execution of several internal staff development programs. 

The DEWC executive team have committed to significant internal staff development initiatives with the aim of diversifying skills and facilitating knowledge sharing/transfer. This includes the implementation of a Core Competency Framework, Mentoring Program, Future Workforce Pipeline, Internal Research and Development Program, Professional Development Placements and Peer Mentoring Program. All personnel already working at DEWC have committed to a professional development plan that allocates a substantive budget to each member to undertake training activities to ensure their ongoing skills relevance.

2023 Award Finalists: 

DEWC Services | Axiom Precision Manufacturing | Lumination

DEWC Services

Axiom Precision Manufacturing


For more information on the the award categories click here.