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Posted by Defence Teaming Centre on

The DTC Awards are an esteemed recognition of excellence in Australia’s Defence industry. To assist you in putting together a compelling award nomination for the DTC Awards, and other awards you come across, the DTC marketing and communication team is sharing their tips on how to craft a strong nomination to maximise your chance of impressing any selection committee.

Understand the Awards

Before diving into the nomination process, take the time to understand the purpose and categories. Familiarise yourself with the award criteria and guidelines to ensure your nomination aligns with the expectations set by the judges. This understanding will be the foundation for your compelling nomination.

Highlight Your Achievements

The heart of a winning nomination lies in highlighting your company’s achievements. Identify key accomplishments that directly align with the award criteria. Focus on tangible results, such as revenue growth, customer satisfaction, innovation, market share, or any other significant milestones which sets your company apart. Supporting your claims with concrete evidence, such as data and statistics, will strengthen your nomination and impress the judges.

Craft a Compelling Narrative

Humans are wired to connect through stories, so use the power of storytelling to your advantage. Craft a compelling narrative that engages the readers and highlights your company’s journey. Share the challenges the company overcame, the lessons learned, and the unique aspects that make your company deserving of the award. By weaving together facts and emotions, you will create a nomination that captivates the judges and leaves a lasting impression.

Showcase Innovation and Uniqueness

Innovation is the lifeblood of Defence industry. Stand out by highlighting the innovative approaches, groundbreaking ideas, or unique strategies your company has implemented. Demonstrate how these initiatives have made a significant impact on Australia’s Defence sector. Highlight the ways in which your company has pushed boundaries, disrupted norms, or created something truly extraordinary. Innovation sets you apart from the competition and makes your nomination shine.

Recognise Your Team

Take the opportunity to acknowledge and recognise the contributions of your team members. Highlight their expertise, dedication, and collaboration that have been instrumental in your company’s success. Share specific examples of how their collective efforts have propelled the company forward. By highlighting your team, you not only give credit where it is due but also demonstrate a strong culture of collaboration and excellence.

Proofread and Seek Feedback

Before submitting your nomination, take the time to proofread and edit your content. Check for grammar and spelling errors, ensure your nomination is well-structured and flows smoothly. Additionally, seek feedback from colleagues, supervisors, or industry experts. Their fresh perspective can provide valuable insights.

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