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Posted by Defence Centre on

The Albanese government has received the official Defence Strategic Review (DSR) report, six weeks out from when they are due to announce Australia’s Defence Strategic Plan for the coming decades. 

The delivery of the report to the Government could not have come at a better time, as lack of certainty grows so does the rumour mill.

Tim Dore, Acting CEO of the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) said the report’s release shows that the government is on track to having the Defence Strategic Plan completed by March 2023.

“The DTC is hopeful that the Defence Strategic Review will provide clarity to industry and help the government develop effective plans within this changing geopolitical environment,” Mr Dore said. 

“Once we know what projects government will be investing in, we (defence industry) will know what capabilities and infrastructure are required to support our Defence Force. Businesses can then make appropriate informed investments. In the past defence industry has spent a lot of time and money upskilling and obtaining new equipment, only to have projects cancelled and their investment left sitting on the side-lines collecting dust. 

“The DTC has been assured that the decisions made next month will underpin Defence policy for years to come and will benefit Australia’s defence industry and the broader community with purchase orders flowing. 

“The DTC looks forward to reading the report when it is released and will work closely with the SMEs and Primes in the defence industry about any concerns that may arise from the report and how these issues can be overcome,” Mr Dore added. 

At the same time the Albanese government is expected to release an unclassified version of the report, Defence is also expecting an announcement on AUKUS that will also improve industry’s understanding of the direction the Government is taking on the nuclear-powered submarines.

“The AUKUS release is also important to industry, and although the poster-boys are the nuclear Submarines, this alliance embraces the future technologies that will keep us in line with our two strongest allies, US and UK, and provide benefit to Australian businesses,” Mr Dore said.

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