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The DTC Teaming Award is awarded to DTC members who have collaborated with other DTC members and/or organisations to address a gap in the capacity or capability of the Defence sector. The award recognises and celebrates organisations who achieve mutual business success as a result of the teaming arrangement with other organisations.

The award:

Acknowledges organisations who contribute to building the awareness of collaboration and teaming practices by sharing examples of best practice and their results, inspiring similar excellence in others; and

Identifies those who drive greater awareness and understanding of the benefits of collaboration in the Defence sector.

Eligibility Criteria

The lead nominee for the Teaming Award must be a financial DTC member.

  • The teaming arrangement must have resulted in a commercial outcome and cannot be an arrangement currently bidding for work.
  • The activity to which the teaming arrangement applies:
  • may have commenced more than 12 months ago; and
  • must be still in operation or under contract at the time of submitting the award nomination OR been completed within the last 24 months.

Evaluation Criteria

  • The teaming arrangement has successfully brought together businesses to realise a commercial outcome or benefit to Defence,
  • The teaming arrangement addresses a gap in the capacity or capability of the Australian Defence sector; and
  • The emerging products or services produced as part of the teaming arrangement has improved Australia‚Äôs sovereign capability.

Nomination Form