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The DTC Skilling Award recognises members who have developed an internal training program which addresses the skills shortage and benefits the Defence sector. Training programs can include the use of external courses which benefit the employee and the employer.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The nominee must be a financial DTC member. Non-members may submit a nomination on behalf of a DTC member,
  • The nominated company must be a Small to Medium Enterprise,
  • The training program to which the award applies must be ongoing in this current year (but may have commenced up to three years prior),
  • The training program must have contributed to the development and growth of Defence industry employees now and for the future; and
  • The company needs to have been engaged in a Defence Project within the last three years.

Evaluation Criteria

  • In the last three years the business has implemented a new training program to increase the knowledge and skillset of their workforce,
  • The training program has assisted with retention and improved cultural moral; and
  • The training program has shown financial, efficiency, and productivity benefits to the company.

Nominations for 2024 are closed