Why should you participate?

The Defence Industry Leadership Program (DILP) attracts participants at different stages of their leadership journey, across all levels of organisations, and from a wide range of professions connected to defence industry:

  • Prime defence contractors
  • SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprises)
  • Professional service providers
  • Academic institutions
  • Department of Defence
  • Australian Defence Force

What makes DILP valuable and different from other leadership programs is the program has been designed by people who work(ed) in Defence or in defence industry for future defence leaders. This gives participants a unique insight into what makes a great defence leader while providing them with the opportunity to engage with and learn from key defence personnel, include the Minister for Defence Industry, Minister for Science and Technology, the Honourable Melissa Price MP, who is the Ambassador of DILP.

Top Five Reasons to Participate in DILP

  1. Learn from Australia’s leading defence personnel.

Continual learning is the key to a successful career. If you want to become a leader in defence industry it is important to have guidance from those who have faced the specific challenges and opportunities of the sector. Through the seven interactive workshops, two fieldtrips and three industry visits you will get the opportunity to meet the movers and shakers in the defence industry, including Minister for Defence Industry, Minister for Science and Technology, the Honourable Melissa Price MP, who is the Ambassador of DILP and CEO, directors and managers of Defence Industry SME and Prime companies, serving members and veterans of the Australian Defence Force and alumni of the DILP program who work within Defence Industry.

  1. Develop your capabilities to successfully navigate current and future challenges in the defence industry.

The modern-day world is dominated by short term goals, quarterly and annual reports, fixing problems as they arise and corporate governance. Exceptional leaders have the ability to step back and view the bigger picture. DILP gives participants the opportunity to investigate current issues within Defence industry and determine how to address the challenges they are facing through theoretical framework, literature reviews, data collection, data analysis and investigative tools. Participants will also learn how to develop a personalised action plan in order to reach their goals.  

  1. Boost your confidence and empower you to succeed.

Great leaders are made, not born. DILP will allow you to recognise your strengths and weaknesses and provide you with various techniques to develop as a leader and inspire people around you to achieve their goals. The monthly workshops will provide you with the essential skills you need to look at challenges from a different perspective and improve your confidence within yourself and your opinions, even when faced with adversity.   

  1. Form collaborative partnerships and make friends for life.

Collaborative partnerships are fundamental to achieving a good outcome. By thinking, planning and working together, you can achieve much more working together than working alone. Part of the DILP program will see you engaging in teaming-building and leadership exercises in our specially designed overnight retreats at the defence barracks in South Australia. These fun filled field trips will empower you and teach you how to lead under pressure, and at the end of the course you would have built a strong bond with the other DILP participants.      

  1. Expand your defence industry knowledge through mentorship.

One of the most effective ways to expand your knowledge and remain relevant is to learn from the experiences of others. The best way to do that is through a mentor. DILP participants have the opportunity to engage with defence leaders they may not otherwise have meet through their own networks.