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The South Australian Government is investing heavily in supporting employers to take on apprentices and trainees. Both apprenticeships and traineeships involve an employer entering into a contract of training with the apprentice or trainee, but employers often ask, ‘What is the difference between an Apprenticeship or Traineeship’? In short, Apprenticeships usually: • apply to traditional trades, such as: Light and Heavy Metal Fabrication Trades; Fitters and Machinists; Electricians; Electronics and Communications Tradespersons; and Instrumentation and
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Australian industry is looking towards an exciting future, and this is particularly true of the diverse and varied defence industry. How leadership navigates the industry’s complex and changing needs will be one of the driving factors in the success of Australian Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) entering the defence industry supply chain, and ultimately the future expansion of the industry itself. Contemporary Australian industry leaders need to be focused, creative and self-aware This is now
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Higher Level Apprentices to lead SA in an Industry 4.0 World

Posted by dtcadmin on  December 3, 2019
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Ai Group is leading and managing a new Industry 4.0 Higher-Level Traineeship in South Australia. Ai Group’s Tim Cornish explained that the Higher-Level Traineeship utilises the Diploma of Applied Technologies qualification and is based in part on the UK Higher Apprenticeships model. In the UK employers rated higher level apprentices ‘25% more employable’ than students who took a traditional institutional pathway into work. The Industry 4.0 initiative is based on the need to train tradespeople

The Future Is In Our Schools

Posted by dtcadmin on  November 26, 2019
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It’s an exciting time of growth and opportunity for the Australian defence industry; and creating a skilled workforce to meet the demands of our defence capabilities is high on the list of priorities. Many of the more immediate needs will be met by workers looking to up-skill or re-skill, or those from other sectors looking for a complete change of direction. Then of course, there will be skills gaps filled by expertise from overseas –

Attending Industry Events

Posted by dtcadmin on  March 14, 2019
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Audra McCarthy, Executive Director Industry Development Research from Harvard University shows that 85% of professional success comes from having good people skills. This means growing a business goes beyond knowing your product or service, to having the ability to develop relationships with people. Human beings are social creatures and gravitate to people with whom they can trust. Building trust takes time and patience. Defence supply chains are complex The kit and services being supplied are