One of Australia’s leading Defence logistics specialists, Customs Agency Services (CAS), recently spoke to the DTC regarding the ongoing disruptions to international and domestic logistics networks. Mark Callus, one of CAS Director’s, revealed that while the logistics challenges that began due to COVID in early 2020 have already further deteriorated recently, the next 4 months until Christmas 2021 are expected to see even more freight cost increases and transport delays.   With Australia’s borders having

The Value of an Industry Association

Posted by dtcadmin on  July 23, 2020
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The Value of an Industry Association I have been guilty of using a flat head screwdriver to loosen a Phillips head screw. Sure, it takes a little longer because the tip doesn’t quite fit, and I run the risk of ruining the screw head because the screwdriver slips, but I still get the job done. Just as there are screws and screwdrivers of different shapes, sizes and heads, there are industry associations of different shapes,
THIS BLOG: Rebecca Humble (RH), Chief of Strategy and Capability for Nova Systems and Jim Whalley (JW), Chief Entrepreneur for South Australia and Chairman and co-founder of the Nova Group, recently (9 April 2020) discussed strategic challenges for Defence SMEs post COVID-19. Download PDF Version: How is the current Defence market in Australia and Internationally being influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic? RH: At a macro level, the effects will be different for different businesses and

Endpoint Security

Posted by dtcadmin on  February 25, 2020
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Rapid improvements in information and communication technologies have changed the way we all conduct our work. Businesses are able to quickly collect and store data critical in facilitating decisions, engaging with local and worldwide clients and developing products and services; while connecting to cellular and WIFI networks that allow that data to be accessed and shared at any time, from almost anywhere in the world. Tapping into the network Government, big business, and small and
As a not-for-profit industry association, the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) is committed to designing and tailoring services to meet the needs of our members, whilst ensuring services remain affordable to the membership.  We have adopted a collaborative and constructive approach to engaging Defence and Government for the advocacy of defence industry policies, specifically focusing on Industry Capability (AIC) policy and skilling for defence industry. AIC Policy Our approach towards providing feedback on AIC Policy has