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Defence Industry Business Bites

UK Export Controls

Are you a business who works with (or wants to work with) UK suppliers and customers?

Do you employ UK nationals?

Join Paul Siddle, Senior Export Control Manager from ASC Shipbuilding / BAE Systems Australia as he covers the following;
- UK Export Controls: regulatory environment
- UK Export Licences
- UK Extraterritorial Trade (brokering) Controls
- Sanctions & Embargoes
- Impact of Brexit


Defence Industry Business Bites

Stimulating Indigenous Entrepreneurship In Defence Industry

Topics Covered:

How engaging with the Indigenous business community can help Australian Defence industry companies to be more successful in winning business with BAE customers
Actionable advice on what businesses can do to support growing indigenous capability, particularly with regard to AIC Plans and tenders
The benefits that their engagement and support to capability development brings to the Indigenous business community
Guest Speakers

Phil Sparrow, Procurement Manager Indigenous Opportunity at BAE Systems
Sean Bates, Accreditation Manager at TQCSI


Defence Industry Business Bites

Development Program Information Session

Join us as we cover your questions about DTC's Leadership Programs - Team.eX, Defence Industry Leadership Program and PC-DIL.
About this Event

In this session we will be discussing the differences between the leadership and development programs on offer from the DTC in 2021.

Learn about the DTC's Defence Industry Development Program and how your business can benefit from the program
Understand how Team.eX fits in with other industry programs
Find out where your business fits in to the Team.eX program.
Learn how the program will help you engage with Prime Defence Contractors
Learn about how the Defence Industry Leadership Program connects you with organisations and professionals in the Defence Sector
We'll provide knowledge on how emerging leaders can improve their understanding of; and enhance their relationships within the sector through one of the DTC's leadership programs
Gain insight into how the Professional Certificate in Defence Industry Leadership improves professional skills to make your mark as a leader within the Defence sector.
Learn about the frequent industry visits, presentations from senior defence specialists; advanced simulation and guided experimentation exercises that the Professional Certificate in Defence Industry Leadership involves.


Defence Industry Business Bites

Cyber Update & Security 101

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