Career Opportunities in Defence Industry

In response to the cancellation of the Attack Program the DTC has created this job hub to help members advertise their current job vacancies at no cost. This is part of the DTC's advocacy campaign promoting the defence SME community as a rewarding career path.

"SMEs are adaptable and this is a time where some of you may choose to tailor positions in your business to take advantage of the skills now available on the market," Audra McCarthy, CEO of DTC said.

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Current Vacancies

View current vacancies available in the Defence Industry.

If you are a DTC member that would like to promote current vacancies here, please click the ‘Company with Vacancies’ link and fill in the online form above.

Government of South Australia | Jobs For You

Jobs in space, defence, cyber, energy and hi-tech are growing in South Australia. Developing your skills for these industries will open the door to exciting careers. You might be surprised by the range of skills they need!

There are also jobs, including apprenticeships and traineeships, in other sectors including aged and disability care, health, hospitality and construction.