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Rapid improvements in information and communication technologies have changed the way we all conduct our work. Businesses are able to quickly collect and store data critical in facilitating decisions, engaging with local and worldwide clients and developing products and services; while connecting to cellular and WIFI networks that allow that data to be accessed and shared at any time, from almost anywhere in the world.Defence Teaming Centre Logo

Tapping into the network

Government, big business, and small and medium enterprise now integrate and promote flexible work arrangements for their employees, with Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies becoming prevalent in businesses of all sizes. BYOD allows employees to use their personal devices at work or for work, whilst also accessing enterprise networks remotely.

Ripe for exploitation

These points of access into the network present a high security risk if they are not properly managed. Laptops, smart phones, and other portable devices provide the avenue for malicious sources to enter a network subjecting data to unnecessary risk. Cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated with IT departments struggling to address them. It is no longer feasible or effective to rely on the vigilance of employees and end point users as a safeguard against cyber threats. Centralised management and protection of network and endpoint resources is now required to ensure a layered approach to common cyber threats.

Maintaining control of the access points

Endpoint security solutions provide a monitoring tool to ensure that malicious, suspicious, or unwanted applications are removed, whilst detecting, preventing, and reporting on threats within the environment. Endpoint monitoring can also provide protection against emerging or previously undetected threats and provide valuable insight into any potentially risky behaviour. As such it should be a part of the IT security armour of any business.

There’s too much to lose

Integrating enterprise grade cyber security platforms into Government, big business, and SMEs, has traditionally been cost prohibitive. The ever-increasing skill set required to triage, analyse, and contain detected threats has resulted in a larger administrative and costly overhead. Traditional anti-virus has been viewed as ‘set and forget’, however, with an ever-increasing number of end users accessing the network and new threats emerging daily, this is no longer sufficient to ensure business, customer, and employee information remains safe and protected. Ignoring cyber threats is no longer possible. Businesses of all sizes need to address cyber security, with a cost effective option being the outsourcing cyber security. Protecting resources should be a part of the business plan – and data is one of the most valuable resources a business has.

OpSys Australia LogoThe price of not doing this can be costly, not only in financial terms, but also in terms of reputational damage.



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