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DTC at Euronaval 2018

Audra McCarthy,
Executive Director Industry Development


At least 35 companies from the Australian Defence Alliance formed part of the official Team Defence Australia trade delegation.


ADA members constituted more than 70% of the participating TDA companies: and the DTC and Victorian Defence Alliances staff was kept very busy facilitating introductions between Australian industry and overseas organisations.

Perhaps one of the most surprising outcomes from Euronaval were the business-to-business introductions that took place between companies from Australian industry. Many organisations participating in the trade delegation met with complimentary interstate businesses for the very first time. and the opportunity to commence the collaborative teaming process, was an added benefit of the meeting.

The most common theme for introductions whilst at Euronaval was large overseas businesses expressing a desire to meet with smaller Australian organisations. Increasing numbers of overseas organisations are looking for suppliers to facilitate the transfer of technology for the Future Submarine and Future Frigate Programs. The Australian Defence Alliance’s presence at Euronaval meant introductions could be facilitated between businesses that were not only present at Euronaval, but also other member organisations back home in Australia.

With the Avalon Airshow just around the corner in March 2019, and the Pacific Maritime Exposition scheduled for October 2019, the DTC and the Australian Defence Alliance expects the interest in Australian industry from overseas businesses to continue to rise.

As the awareness of Australian Industry Capability requirements for major programs such as the Future Frigate and Future Submarine Programs become more widely understood by overseas Original Equipment Manufacturers: these upcoming events will provide greater opportunity for Australian industry to expand their contacts with OEMs and complimentary businesses across Australia, in a single location.

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