The DTC’s industry development program will provide you with a development pathway to explore your businesses fit or give your staff an edge in the competitive landscape of Defence.

2022 Defence Industry Leadership Program Application – Applicant2022 Defence Industry Leadership Program Application – Employer Representative
Defence Industry Leadership Program

Leadership development and succession planning is critical to a strong, sustainable and vibrant defence industry.

The Defence Industry Leadership Program is a targeted, hands on professional development program that provides employees in the defence industry with personal and professional leadership skills.

The Defence Industry Leadership Program attracts participants from all levels of organisations and from a wide range of sectors connected to the defence industry, including Defence Primes, SMEs, State and Federal Government agencies, professional services and other connected industry sectors.

The rapid growth of the defence sector over the coming decade will require the defence industry to accelerate the expansion and potential of its workforce. This includes a need for defence employees to focus on leadership education and personal and professional development.

Since its inception in 2010, over 284 industry participants have graduated from the program.


The DTC offers this exclusive opportunity to its members at a rate of $8,950 ex GST*. This course is also available to non-members at a rate of $9,950 ex GST*. For enquiries about payment plans contact, [email protected].

Note: Funding support by the South Australian Government’s Skilling South Australia Projects is restricted to South Australian based employees only. Participants from other states are welcome to apply, however the full cost of the program will be $13,950 ex GST for DTC members, and $14,950 ex GST for non-members. This does not include the cost of travel.

Course Details:

The Defence Industry Leadership Program combines learning workshops, presentations from senior Defence/industry specialists, infrastructure visits and is an opportunity for program participants to build highly valuable industry relationships.

The program runs over eight months, typically between March and November, and addresses a range of topics, including personal reflection, values, ethics, psychology of leadership, influencing innovation and the art of cooperation.

More details are available on the application form below.

Who should participate?
The Program attracts participants at different stages of their leadership journey, across all levels of organisations, and from a wide range of professions connected to defence industry:

  • Prime defence contractors
  • SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprises)
  • Professional service providers
  • Academic institutions
  • Department of Defence
  • Australian Defence Force

Professional Development:

Fostering relationships between the participants, sharing ideas and developing an understanding and appreciation of the challenges each organisation may face, will develop informed and collaborative leaders ready for the massive growth and change the defence industry is currently experiencing now and into the future.

The DTC views collaboration between education, defence and industry as critical towards growth of the defence industry and the development of future innovation.

Q&A with DILP Alumni 

2021 Alumni


"It didn’t feel like you were attending a class which demanded & expected output, rather I found it made me think about values, expectations, methods & tools that are available. In particular the monthly sessions allowed me to take this info away & put some of it into practice"

"I have a much better understanding of defence industry and have found this new knowledge to be very useful. The program has helped me to mature as a leader and a coach and has renewed my confidence in this area"

“SADILP has provided me with an outstanding opportunity to meet other industry leaders from South Australia and develop a long lasting professional based network"

“…as a Review Panel member I found the quality of the Concept Paper presentations impressive. The participants on this program have clearly worked hard to achieve good results. They have also clearly enjoyed the unique learning process provided by this important initiative”

"…it absolutely exceeded my expectations, I was expecting another death by PowerPoint or textbook management training session, and it was not like that at all, which was great. The wealth of knowledge and interaction within the Group, facilitators, guest speakers and through the field trips was just great"

"…the Program facilitated my ability to view events from a more strategic perspective and enabled me to continue to quietly influence others both on the Program and in my workplace"

"Between SADILP and DISC I cannot overstate how much I have learnt and grown in the last couple of years."


The Concept Papers (CP) are a very important component of the Defence Industry Leadership Program. The objective is to provide an industry benefit, as well as to provide participants with the challenge of a group research exercise that requires demonstration of the knowledge and tools being addressed during the program. 

The topics for the CP’s change each year and are designed by the DTC, with input from the DTC Board members and defence industry.

Last year participants researched on the following topics:


Please note there are two forms which are required to be completed in order for the application to be considered. The first form the applicant is required to complete and send to us with all relevant documentation. The second form the applicants employer representative is required to complete. 

2022 Defence Industry Leadership Program Application – Applicant2022 Defence Industry Leadership Program Application – Employer Representative

Applications due: Friday, 11th of February 2022 at 5pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

For enquiries, please contact:
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