The Federal Government of Australia has committed itself to increasing Defence spend to within 2% of the nation’s GDP. The Government has recognised the need for continuous workflow in order to develop and sustain the national defence industrial base. Furthermore, it is actively pursuing and promoting Defence export opportunities to further develop the industry.

The Federal Government is seeking a ‘single voice’ for the SMEs that support defence industry. The DTC represents a credible and effective voice for Australia’s Defence Industry at all levels of Government.

The DTC Advocates on behalf of SMEs in different ways, this includes;

  • Regular meetings in Canberra to brief politicians on key industry issues.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders and decision makers.
  • Strengthening the DTC’s voice in the media.
  • Promoting member’s capabilities through multichannel communication campaigns.
  • Leveraging industry leaders and the DTC board for advocacy activities.